Atlas Rising Assets

The total supply of Atlas Rising Tokens are pre-mined and not distributed.

The price of the Atlas Rising Tokens will be frozen at .01 until which time Atlas Rising is listed on the exchanges.

There are no Atlas Risings Tokens held by the Dev team until tokens are distributed. Example, 10,000 Atlas Rising Tokens are purchased and distributed. At that time 1% (100 Atlas Rising ) will be distributed to the Dev Team.

Power of Blockchain

Design Concept

This system is designed with one concept in mind -

Grow a profitable company for everyone!

Here is how our system works. Simply create a user name and password. Then grab the link and send it to your friends. If they purchase Atlas Rising Tokens then you will be paid a 5% referral fee. If they send out referrals, then you will get a additional 5% override referral fee.

The only fee that is taken out by the Dev team is a 5% governance fee for operational expenses. 85% of all fund are utilized as described above.

Distributed Atlas Risings Tokens

Current Vault Value
Current Price

500,000,000 Risings

are locked @ 0.01 regardless of the rising value of the underlying assets.

assets are verified by an independent third party

Live Vault Value of Atlas Rising Tokens

The Live Vault Value represents the Atlas Rising Token value. It is determined by taking the total assets in the vault divided by the Distributed Rising Tokens which equals the Live Value. The Curent Price is locked at 0.01. Therefore requardless of the Live Value price, the Current Price will remain at 0.01 until 500,000,000 have been distributed.


Locked and Staked Assets in the Vault

Coin Quantity Value Price
Item Quantity Coin Amount Value Price
Spot Trading
Account BTC Amount Value Price
Name ROI Coins Value Price
Item Quantity Value
Master Nodes
Name ROI Amount Value Price

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