About Us

Our Motivation

When creating Atlas Rising there was one question that kept coming up again and again. How to create an asset based company that would benefit the investors? Most companies have to sell something or manufacturer something to be sold in other to create an asset. If no one buys then no assets.

Our Idea

The mutual fund idea solves that issue. When a purchase is made then 85% of the crypto is locked and staked in the vault. As you see we have spread out the risk among many differernet cyrpos. We have main stream cryptos such as BTC and LTC along with a few miners that generate income daily. Trading account, coin staking and hardware. These assets will only grow and will never be released from the vault. This is the base of assets that Atlas Rising will grow on.

Now a person has the ability to take advantage of the growth in many different crypto areas instead of just purchasing a little bit of BTC.

The solar arrays will be used to generate rewards paid out to Rising Token holders based on their percentage of ownership.

How is all of this tied together? The Rising will have an asset base that continues to grow and a reward that is paid from solar mining. The Rising Token should increase in value at a very strong multiply.

How to Purchase Rising Tokens

We explain how to purchase Rising Tokens step by step. We demostrate on a live account the process and how long each action will taken. At the end of the process you will see Rising Tokens deposited into the wallet.

What is the Vault and how does it function

This video takes a deeper look into the Vault and how it functions. You will understand why the vault is so important to the value of the Risings.